20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web by Min Li Chan, Fritz Holznagel, Michael Krantz

By Min Li Chan, Fritz Holznagel, Michael Krantz

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It contains information about your visit that you may want the site to remember, like your preferred language and other settings. The browser stores this data and pulls it out the next time you visit the site to make the next trip easier and more personalized. If you visit a movie website and indicate that Online shopping carts also use cookies. As you browse for DVDs on that movie shopping site, for instance, you may notice that you can add them to your shopping cart without logging in. indd 31 11/19/10 9:28 AM shopping cart doesn’t “forget” the DVDs, even as you hop around from page to page on the shopping site, because they’re preserved through browser cookies.

Use any other Internetconnected computer, and all you need to do is fire up Chrome and log in to your Google Account through the browser’s sync feature. Voila! All your favorite browser settings are ready to use on the new machine. Regardless of how many computers you need to juggle, as long as you have an Internet connection and a modern browser that’s synced to the cloud, you’re all set to go. Even if every one of them gets hit by the proverbial truck. indd 30 11/19/10 9:28 AM Thing 11 Browser Cookies or, thanks for the memories you’re most interested in comedies, for instance, the cookies sent by the website can remember this so you may see comedies displayed at the start of your next visit.

Indd 50 11/19/10 9:28 AM THING 17 VALIDATING IDENTITIES ONLINE or, “Dr. ” bank’s website — almost as if they had set up a fake storefront on your block. Fortunately, there are tools to help you determine if a website is genuine or not. Some that allows you to determine the I n the physical world, you can see the people you share information with. You talk to them face-to-face, or meet them in a trusted place like judgments about giving them your trust. But online, it can be hard to tell who’s behind any website.

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