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18 to refer to the sleepers in the cave, called by Western scholars the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, persecuted monotheists who sought refuge in a cave, and were put to sleep The ten persons promised Paradise according to the hadıˆth. The concept ˙ goes back to the earliest sunnah collections, but the term itself is fairly late. The list also varies but usually includes ˆ -l-Hasan ¤Alıˆ al-Ash¤arıˆ, Abu ˙ Muhammad, Abuˆ Bakr, ¤Umar, ¤Uthmaˆn,˙ ¤Alıˆ, Talhah, az-Zubayr, ¤Abd ar˙ ˙ Rahmaˆn b. ¤Awf, Sa¤d b.

Amıˆn (Arabic: trustworthy) In the sense of “trustworthy,” this term became an epithet applied to Muham˙ as mad because of his trustworthiness, al-Amıˆn. It also is a term applied to Muslims who hold positions of financial or legal trust. Amıˆnah The name in the legendary tafsıˆr of one of the wives of Sulaymaˆn (Solomon). She is the one to whom he is reported to have given his signet ring; she, in turn, gave it to a demon who took Sulaymaˆn’s place. It was only after many adventures and much repentance, according to the story, that Sulaymaˆn was able to get his ring and his kingdom back.

Anglo-Muhammadan Law apostasy The laws of personal status founded on British colonial interpretations of Islamic law and applied to Muslims in British colonial courts. See ilhaˆd; riddah. ˙ ˆ t (Arabic: spider) ¤ankabu Spiders have a special place in Islamic lore, because a spider is supposed to have saved the lives of Muhammad and Abuˆ Bakr. While the two˙ were fleeing the Meccans during the hijrah, they hid in a cave. A spider, presumably by God’s command, quickly spun a web over the entrance, so that the Meccans would think the cave to be empty, since they did not think a spider could spin so quickly.

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