A Disastrous History of the World: Chronicles of War, by John Withington

By John Withington

John Withington's publication is an epic trip during the annals of the disastrous occasions that experience marked human background. partially I are all of the significant typical calamities - floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, plague and famine. half II describes in brilliant aspect the best man-made failures - struggle and invasion, persecution and bloodbath, riots and terrorism, explosions and fires, shipwrecks and air crashes. Out of all this horror, the writer produces a hugely wonderful and throught-provoking e-book.

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Among those killed were the mother and two brothers of Saparmurad Niyazov, who became Turkmenistan's first president after the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1990. Niyazov was heavily criticised for his human rights record, but he appears to have been a most dutiful son, erecting many memorials to his mother, and even renaming the month of April after her. He built a museum documenting the disaster, and a feature film, Children of the Earthquake, was also made, telling the story of a young boy living an idyllic life until the disaster orphaned him.

A sea of debris peppered with boulders razed Armero like 'a wall of tractors'. As he tried to get away, Jose Luis felt his feet sinking into hot mud, but he managed to escape. Another survivor said the mudslide made 'a moaning sound like some sort of monster. It seemed like the end of the world! It swallowed 80 per cent of the town's buildings, entombing many people who never knew what had hit them, and cut down those who tried to flee. Outside the town, a Reuters news agency correspondent described seeing survivors huddled on a cold, bare hilltop: 'deathly figures - old men, women, and children, caked in dried grey mud, their hair stiff, only their eyeballs visible in the night to suggest they were still alive'.

Pombal tried to get the clergy to stop going on about the 50 A DISASTROUS HISTORY OF THE WORLD disaster being punishment from God, but they leaned on the king, making him lead a penitential procession barefoot. Pombal planned a new Lisbon with big squares and long avenues. Prototype buildings were tested by having troops march around them to attempt to mimic the effects of an earthquake. The Jesuits tried to prevent reconstruction Oil the grounds that the disaster was divine punishment, and after the king's death Pombal was sacked and sent away from the city.

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