A New Companion to Homer by Barry B. Powell, Ian Morris (eds.)

By Barry B. Powell, Ian Morris (eds.)

This quantity is the 1st English-language survey of Homeric experiences to seem for greater than a iteration, and the 1st such paintings to try to hide all fields comprehensively. Thirty best students from Europe and the USA supply brief, authoritative overviews of the country of information and present controversies within the many expert divisions in Homeric reports. The chapters pay equivalent cognizance to literary, mythological, linguistic, historic, and archaeological themes, starting from such common difficulties because the "Homeric query" to more moderen concerns just like the relevance of narratology and computer-assisted quantification. the gathering, the 3rd booklet in Brill's guide sequence, "The Classical Tradition," should be necessary at each point of research - from the overall scholar of literature to the Homeric professional looking a basic knowing of the most recent advancements around the complete variety of Homeric scholarship.

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It is misguided to wonder what was the 'original script' to which Homer refers-Linear B preferred by those who think Homer knows of the Mycenaean past, the alphabet by those who want a pen in Homer's hand. To Homer the crfJll

665- 669), who may have died during the Lelantine War. Most place Hesiod later than Homer, but no one has proved ungenuine Hesiod's 'In Delos, Homer and I, singers of oral song, sang 55 Cf. K. A. Sheedy, 'A Prothesis Scene from the Analatos Painter,' Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archaeologische Instituts, Athenische Abteilung 105 (1990) 143. 32 BARRY B. -West). There is nothing against the same scribe recording both poets within a lifetime. The scribe may well have been the adapter himself, who inspired the legend of Palamedes, son of Nauplios, inventor of the alphabet.

Euboians competed with Phoenicians in the exploration of the far West and left inscriptions there, as they did back home in Lefkandi. 53 Herodotus received a tradition about the importation of writing to Greece by Phoenician immigrants, who lived in Euboia and nearby Boiotia; some of their descendants, including the families of Harmodios and Aristogeiton, went to Athens. C. C. C. or at any other time. 54 As for media, papyrus is invisible in the archaeological record outside Egypt, but without doubt an Eastern import into the Aegean through Hyg.

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