A Song for the King: Saraha on Mahamudra Meditation by Thrangu Rinpoche, Michele Martin, Peter O\'Hearn

By Thrangu Rinpoche, Michele Martin, Peter O\'Hearn

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What we are realizing are the qualities of the THE SONG BEGINS 41 ground, the unchanging basic nature, and so the qualities of the fruition, like the ocean, are unchanging. In other words, at fruition these qualities do not increase or decrease. " When something perfect is perfectly seen, you will be perfectly liberated. There is no defect in the nature of your mind that needs to be removed. There are no qualities outside of it that need to be introduced into it. If you can look at this nature properly [Q see the nature as it is and you see this completely, then simply through this act, you will be completely liberated.

The ignorant think an ox's hoofprint filled with water is the ocean and look for gems therein, Yet this water will soon evaporate. Likewise, those who take their passing experiences to be enlightenment Will not see the perfect qualities. By developing a stable and perfect mind, The mind clinging to passing experience as perfect will evaporate. The [eurh verse is an instruction to abandon attachment to extraordinary experiences and signs in our meditation practice. When we practice 54 A SONG fOR THE KING meditadon, we are working with our mind in a d ifferent way, and so we start to experience thoughts and appearances we have not experienced before.

II. IMPERMANENCE Second, the environment and the living beings therein are impermanent; In particular, the life of beings is like a bubble. The time of death is uncertain; when dead, this body will be a corpse. At that time only Dharma will help, so I must practice with diligence. III. KARMA AS CAUSE AND EFFECT Third, when death comes, I will be helpless. Because I create karma, I must abandon negative actions And always devote myself to virtuous ones. Thinking this, every day I will examine my mind stream.

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