A Targumic Aramaic Reader : Texts from Onkelos and Jonathan by Ebbe Egede Knudsen

By Ebbe Egede Knudsen

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I", var. 2' pr inf. IRB,var. * I* (zO),Ps. (I0) z0 7 ~ 9 ~ 5 . Adam. risamti (Gr. -Gn. 3,23 kl, g x q q f ~ Ps. : Ex. 20,21 n xn9p7p3. (cg. 78) ear Am. 3,1z, R U71K. (Gr. 160) threshing-floor Dt. 16,13. Aaron. (Gr. 241) or. firebrand, kindling wood Am. 4,II. 52 GLOSSARY (< G) air Gn. , Ps. beginning Is. ~. (Gr. ) deed of violence Am. 4,s interpreted in g as a segolate o ~ h cf. : also K. (Gr. 155) m. treasury, storehouse Am. 3,1o. drdydi (Gr. 172, cf. H mtn) f. Tora, the Law (lit. -Ex. , gn sg.

Dag. widow. (Gr. 136, cg. pyx) f. -Gn. 2,11 cstr. X (Gr. 188). Dt. I I , I 4 pron. arc& var. a'rac-. Ashdod. the goddess Ashera or her cultic symbol a pole or tree cstr. a'. koZ iZin Dt. 16,21: Ps. d. , Neo. ind. w. i. (cf. Greek and Syriac versions 'grove(s)'). (cg. 379) w. appin to respect persons Dt. 16,1g. is'SiBif. fire Ex. 19,18, 24,17, Dt. I0,4. ) : Ps. nlrz (Gr. 107). (Gr. ) Pe. to come. Af. -Gn. 2,1g Af. pf. ZQi,i Keter aye;. 22 W. suff. -;yak, var. -ayah (Gr. ), n -innah on the analogy of the imperfect (Gr.

Regularly spelled KW3qK, the first syllable being pointed with sere in ns Gza. (n also segol) and ba,tef segol in g, also V r N Am. 4,13 K. Cstr. sg. -Gn. 1,26 Ps. as E, Neo. Fr. m 13 lit. son of man. (Gr. 181,194, cf. ~ n n xwife, ) lit. marriage Gn. 2,22 n. (Gr. ) healing, restoration to health Gn. 3,6. (cg. YY) wood, wooden material Dt. 3. (Gr. ) I) also, 2) introducing a question Gn. 3,I 1 (< H). cstr. appd (Gr. 136) m. I) face, surface, 2) nose, nostrils Gn. 2,7, var. an$-, Is. 2,22, Am. 410, 3) 'a2 a.

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