An Introduction to Tibetan Medicine by Dawa Norbu

By Dawa Norbu

An advent to Tibetan medication

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Byan. e. the ambrosic sacred semen (bdud. rtsi. byan. sems) falls from the head. Therefore the inner body goes through a heating process and the ambrosia maintains its falling from the region of head, after which there is no sound. The outer and inner projections are now dispensed with. The sound of the seed syllables in their work of cr~atingthe curing ambrosia has been grasped and dissipated. Since the ultimate etiology of old age, sickness and death is the five poisons, which are epidemic in the world of sentient begins, their recycling should be viewed as basic to the curing process.

The remaining nine sense organs emerge. Some vital organs, which are five in number, are found. 13th Six viscera are formed. The femur and humorus bones are formed. 14th Legs, hands and forearms are formed. 15th 16th Twenty digits come out. Veins and tendons connecting the internal and external 17th organs are formed. Flesh and fat are formed. 18th 19th Large glands, which are sixteen in number and ligaments are formed. Remaining bones and bone marrow arc formed. 20th 21st Outer skin is formed.

It, however, indicates the eight sections of "Caraka" . As in ayurveda, Tibetan medicine is also described to have originated from Brahma and almost through the same lineage. But what is very significant is that Brahma according to the Tibetan text, brought to his memory (this closely resembles 20 AN INTRODUCTION TO TIBETAN MEDICINE '#Brahmasmrtva ayuso vedam of Astanga hrdaya" by Vagbhata), the teachings of Buddha Kasyapa in an earlier kalpa (aeon) and then taught to his disciples. ) invited the following doctors to his court: from India Bharadhvaja, from China Han-wang-Hang and from Persia Galenos.

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