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VERDINE 11 Stapled BH3 domain peptides may also hold promise as biological tools and human therapeutics outside of the apoptosis area. Nika Danial, in work begun while a Postdoctoral Fellow with Stan Korsmeyer and continued independently, has recently shown that the BH3-only protein Bad is a component of the mitochondrial glucokinase complex and is required to promote insulin secretion by pancreatic islet beta cells in response to exposure to elevated levels of glucose. This effect is stimulated by phosphorylation on the BH3 domain of Bad.

The role of basal bodies in meiosis in Chlamydomonas has remained controversial. Cavalier-Smith (1974) observed the loss of transition fibers and the transition zone soon after the formation of zygotes, and reported that basal bodies are lost in the meiotic cells. Alternatively, it was reported that basal bodies are visible at prophase of the first meiotic division (Triemer and Brown, 1976). , 2001). VII. The Role of Basal Body Nonequivalence Just as the two centrioles in an animal cell are not equivalent, the two basal bodies in Chlamydomonas are not equivalent.

The B and C microtubules are added in an irregular manner. However, Gould (1975) never observed singlet microtubules. At present, these events are not well documented. Centrioles in animal cells are distinguishable from each other in G1 of the cell cycle. The older or mother centriole is marked by the presence of subdistal fibers at the distal end and has the ability to assemble a primary cilium (Vorobjev and Chentsov, 1982). Ninein, ODF2, CEP110, dynactin, and epsilon (ε)-tubulin are associated with the mother centriole, and immunoelectron microscopy has shown that ninein, CEP110, and SUSAN K.

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