Bad Girls Don't Die: From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender

By Katie Alender

Alexis is the final woman you'd count on to promote her soul. She already has every little thing she needs--an adorable boyfriend, definitely the right ally, and a bit sister who’s eventually getting better after being possessed by way of an evil spirit, then institutionalized. 

Alexis is extremely joyful while her sister joins a membership; new pals are only what Kasey wishes.  It’s unusual, even though, to determine how briskly the women within the Sunshine membership pass from dorky and delinquent to beautiful and renowned.  Soon Alexis learns that the women have pledged an oath to a doubtless benevolent spirit named Aralt.  anxious that Kasey's in over her head back, Alexis and her ally Megan choose to examine by joining the membership themselves.  At first, their reference to Aralt turns out harmless.  Alexis trades in her crimson hair and punky outfits for a mainstream glance, and speedy reveals herself reveling in her newfound splendor and luck.

Instead of struggling with off the supernatural, Alexis can hardly ever take into account why she joined within the first place. Surely it wasn't to spoil Aralt...why could she damage somebody who has given her lots, and requested for therefore little in go back?

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It moves towards you slowly, a toothless mouth opening to digest you. Congratulations - you have just encountered a Squand, which is not the most pleasant of Astral Plane inhabitants. Squands are slow movers, so you will get in two attacks for every one it manages; and since they have no teeth or any other armament, this thing will only do you 2 points of damage on a successful strike, whatever the dice show. Furthermore, it needs 6 or better to touch you. As against that, the Squand has a massive 80 LIFE POINTS, so it isn't exactly easy to kill.

154 This corridor runs west until it makes a Tjunction with another corridor running north/ south. Directly opposite, across this north/south corridor is a door. If you want a fuller picture of the north/south corridor, turn to 163. If you can live without knowing and want (impatiently) to try that door, go to 180. ' howls Head Stanley as you attempt to creep past. ' growls Head Charles. And so saying, the two-headed dog launches itself savagely upon you. The problem is this thing has got 25 LIFE 156 POINTS per head - and you have to zap both heads before it will stop fanging you.

Following the corridor north will take you to 68. 92 No sooner have you lopped off the final LIFE POINT than the Wyrm begins to rot, creating a pong thick enough to cut with a knife and spread on mouldy bread. You step back, choking, but fortunately a wind springs up, carrying away the smell. With the Wyrm now fallen to pieces, you can see three partly digested leather pouches on the ground. With one bound you scoop them up. Quickly you open the second pouch and discover . . Twenty gemstones each worth 1,000 gold pieces!

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